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About Correct Caulking

At Correct Caulking, We pride ourselves on having a competent and experienced team who have all been trained by our director himself. So you can be sure you are not only using Melbourne’s leading Caulking team, But that every member of the team will deliver work on your project or home to the highest standard with all the expert knowledge in materials & application needed. Your satisfaction is our number one priority as well as using the best quality sealants and colours to leave you with a project you are proud of. 


Why chose Correct Caulking:

  • Our Job management is handled by our director who is also full time on the tools to make sure that your project is given the attention it deserves
  • Our sealant range is chosen from many different quality suppliers to make sure we have colours to match every finish on your project or home
  • Our approachable attitude will make your project that little bit smoother & we will not rest until you are truly satisfied
  • Our highly trained team consists of 3 caulking specialists, That means we can have a few extra hands on deck when your project need that extra push without compromising on quality

The team at Correct Caulking are specialists in:

Window Caulking –  We are the go to caulking team when it comes to Melbourne Window Caulking. We have an advanced technique we have crafted from over 10 years of experience. Window sealing can be one of the toughest parts of the trade, But with the right team, The correct application & products we can make it looks seamless just like our finishes.


Architectural Builds – This is something we absolutely love to be a part of. If your project is a high end architectural home then look no further. With years of experience working on some of Melbourne’s most beautiful homes we are no stranger to perfect finishes on perfect builds. We have the right sealants for your project and will make sure they are applied correctly for a long lasting finish.


Custom Builds – We understand the importance of meeting your clients specific needs when building their custom dream home, With every new build requiring some thought into particular colour choices & numerous sealants, You can be sure we have all knowledge & experience needed to help your project run smooth.


Renovations – When caulking renovated builds you always come across unusual joints & transitions that require sealing. That’s where we come in, With experience working on many beautiful Melbourne renovations we have the industry expertise to adapt to unusual transitions & can seal small or large Joints off the gun that require no tooling when this is the only option. We love adding our touch to these type of builds.


Bathroom Caulking – With the correct sealants and applications we can make the process of caulking your bathroom so smooth that you can have one less thing to worry about. Leave it in the hands of the experts at Correct Caulking.


Townhouse Caulking – We have worked with many of Melbourne’s developers delivering projects on budget and on time. We can give you one less thing to worry about when it comes to delivering quality townhouses without falling off schedule due to inexperienced trades.


Floorboard/skirt Caulking – Caulking your skirts may seem very simple yet it needs to be done by professionals, When done too thin you will not get the correct bond and will receive headaches down the track, Call Correct Caulking and get it done right the first time with a seamless finish and the best possible colour match.


Check out our gallery to see our caulking work that speaks for itself.

Why Choose Us

At Correct Caulking we also offer:

  • Works that are fully insured and guaranteed
  • Top quality sealant for the job
  • Long lasting and Perfect Finish
  • Quality work and personalized service

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