We operate differently than usual with brick joints and consider this one of many of our specialties at Correct Caulking!

Brick Joints also known as articulation joints are something that is left by bricklayers for expansion joints. They are required at a minimum every 6 meters in a standard straight brick wall. Just like timber, brick walls will have movement, which will require an expansion joint to wear this movement. If these are not correctly placed in brick walls, somewhere else like the mortar joints will wear the movements which will create cracking. Which you do not want!

This is commonly sealed using a polyurethane, However from our many years of experience we know that more often than not this will not last. We see many other great benefits in using a silicone:

Better Colour Selection
Silicones have a much wider range of colours, when matching the many colours of brick or mortar you have a considerably higher chance of clean match when using silicone. One of few reasons we operate this way!

UV Resistant
Silicone is UV stable and a lot if not all polyurethanes are not, contrary to what the packaging says. Silicone will last! Brick joints are almost always exposed to the sun so we make sure we use quality products that can handle this!

Better aesthetically pleasing finish
We get a cleaner & smoother finish using silicone! If you would like to chat about how we can help you with some brickjoint caulking Contact us today!

If you would like to chat about how we can help you with some brickjoint caulking Contact us today!


Most commonly used in apartment & large custom home basements. Hebel blocks are laid by bricklayers as walls in basements that do not require structural support. Similar to brick joints there are expansion joints in these block walls for movement and also at wall junctions like an internals corner. We generally use a quality polyurethane for this unless of course this is exposed to sun, then we would go with a different product. When we are caulking these joints we find that hebel can be very brittle and get a better application with something like polyurethane that will stick to anything.

If you would like to chat about how we can help you with some bathroom and wet area caulking Contact us today!

Spoke to Jono who quickly organised for someone to complete a caulking job. He booked someone in for the next day (I think he name was Anthony) who showed up on time, was very kind and did a great job. Will certainly use again and recommend. Thanks guys! – STEVEN


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