We have many years of experience sealing concrete panels. From caulking with fire rated sealants when needed to meet fire regulations. To sealing external concrete panel joints with a long lasting polyurethane. We only ever use a polyurethane that is part silicone if it is going to be exposed to the sun, to help it endure the UV rays. We have all required boom & licenses to make sure we can access every part of the project.

See a close up of some concrete panel joints our neat and experienced team have double caulked. This building was right next to another building so there was no access from the outside. We set back a polyurethane layer to meet external requirements, then sealed the inside with a fire rated sealant to meet fire regulations. All while keeping it neat and looking it was done in a factory!

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If you have Sawcuts for control joints in Concrete and don’t want them to fill up with leaves, dirt & anything you could find outside. Then give our highly experienced team at Correct Caulking a call to see how and when we can help you. Something like sawcuts can be passed off as easy by caulkers, however like everything else we do we take our time to make sure we provide the best finish possible. From colour matching to even taping the concrete if need be, we will not leave the job until you are completely satisfied.

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There are many reasons to caulk your house perimeter. One of the most common reasons we come across is when building with many volume builders, you will receive a 10 year structural guarantee & warranty. They will offer you a 25 year structural guarantee & warranty if you choose to have your concrete footpath to the house sealed. We have helped many happy homeowners achieve the latter by contacting Correct Caulking to seal the perimeter to perfection. The reason this is offered by the builder is because it is very important, so if you are not sure if this is something you need to do we can tell you it is very important in protecting the structural integrity of your home.

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Jono from Correct Caulking was great to deal with and then did a great job. Has given our kitchen an excellent finish. Highly recommended. – PAUL


Please contact Jono to discuss your individual job requirements.