One of our specialties at Correct Caulking is Pool & Paving caulking, we have over 10 years of experience making sure beautiful pools are watertight and done correctly. Below is one of the many amazing pools we have sealed to perfection.

There are many aspects to getting silicone applied correctly when it comes to pools. The most important thing is we make sure to use the correct silicone. If it is going to be submerged underwater, it will need to be completed in a pool grade silicone to be able to withstand the chemicals that are in pool water. We tape underneath the coping & coping expansion joints to make sure we get perfectly straight lines.

If you are in need of getting a pool caulked, make sure you call Melbourne’s caulking experts, A job like this needs to be done by professionals.

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If paving caulking is not done correctly it can end horribly. From bleeding into the bluestone and render, to inconsistent beads of silicone. At Correct Caulking we apply our paving beads with an off the gun finish and if that’s not done we will take our time and tape the surfaces. Many caulking companies claim “you’re not a real caulker if you do this’. But the truth is they say this just out of laziness. It is all about getting the best finish possible and if you can’t do an off the gun finish the only way to get this is to tape the surfaces to make sure for perfect straight finishes, render and bluestone can absolutely shred the nozzle so even with an off the gun finish the nozzle will only last so long. See some up close photos of our amazing finishes we can achieve with off the gun finish and sometimes with the help of tape.

If you would like to chat about how we can help you with some paving caulking Contact us today!

Jono and his guys from Correct Caulking are a team of highly reliable and skilled trades. They are punctual and always on time; always providing quality caulking services around Melbourne. Highly recommended for all kind of caulking jobs. – WINDOWS REPUBLIC


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