Caulking your skirts and stairs has some great benefits to your home. When left unsealed you will not get that completely finished look to your home. With inconsistent gaps that vary across your skirting or stair perimeter. As you can see below, A nice clean bead of silicone gives your stairs the finished look that can’t be replicated by painters using no more gaps.

Common Mistakes!

Time & time again we see builders and clients opt to have their painters no more gaps these joints at plaster stage and then paint to the stair as a finish. Here are some negatives you might not know when choosing this route.

  • No more gaps can not handle movement! Regardless of what your painter tells you, if there is any movement no more gaps will not move with it, It will Crack! & you will be back to square one, and either have to call back your painter or have the joints caulked with a silicone.
  • The paint to stair joint finish will not be straight! The same straight finish you can get from silicone you can not get this same consistent finish with paint. To get close your painter will have to take a serious amount of time to tape and straight every joint, which they will either charge your for, or make up for rushing in another part of your home to get that time back.

Something we do when caulking skirts to floorboards only, is we match the silicone colour to the floor. What this does is create a seamless finish where you can’t almost even tell that the joints have been caulked. When these joints are caulked in white, they look great at first, but over time this is where dust will most likely gather, and it will stand out above the white silicone & look dirty. This does not happen when the silicone is matched to the floor colour.

With the huge range of silicone colour available nowadays it is likely we can match your floorboards, only when it cant be
matched to the floor do we use white. Only as last resort!

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Fabulous job – great communication, on time, job done very well. Very pleased with the advice and professionalism, especially in selecting colours to go with a number of different intersecting tiles and surfaces. Much appreciated and will definitely use again in the future. – CODEY


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