We are the window caulking experts in Melbourne. At Correct Caulking, we love adding this touch to the beautiful homes we work on. The purpose of Internal window caulking is not only to seal the gap between the window to plaster, which will add another layer of insulation to your house or project. But it also looks amazing, when done correctly it will create an absolute seamless finish to your window while giving it a sharp and finished look. We always recommend to match the paint colour as opposed to the window colour as you will get a much cleaner finish to the window as opposed to the painted plasterboard.

This image is the almost invisible finish you get from sealing your internals windows.


When it comes to caulking your windows externally, There are many great benefits, We always highly recommend having your windows caulked from the outside.

Benefit No.1
The first benefit you will receive from caulking your windows is keeping bugs and other insects from getting inside your home, When you leave your windows unsealed from you leave your home exposed to letting insects in. This can be an issue especially when windows lead directly to your kitchen.

Benefit No.2
Another issue from leaving your windows unsealed is the unfinished look you will get. When the windows are to bricks and the bricks are uneven it can look especially unflattering with inconsistent gaps running up your window. You might also have mortar sticking out.

Benefit No.3
I’m sure when winter comes around you want to keep your heat in and then keep the heat out in summer. Properly sealed windows will help you achieve both of these. As you can see from above photos if those gaps were left exposed there would be nothing to keep unwanted weather out.

Correct Caulking does things differently, with windows here are just a few of our applications we use for an amazing finish:

• We make sure the seal is done in a UV resistant silicone. When done in a polyurethane sun and weather can cause cracking over time.

• Our neat and experienced team can apply caulking with an off the gun finish, when we can’t do this, we will take our time to tape the surface to make sure we leave the best finish possible.

• The sealant we use is the window color, When done by our specialist team there will be minimal lines on the windows and clean lines on the brick surface.

Photos of correctly sealed windows.

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Jono and the team did an amazing job Re caulking our bathroom. He was a pleasure to deal with, arrived when he said he would and our bathroom looks like new. Very happy clients! – TOM


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